And so it begins…

I never understood when people called me a baby because of my age, but now I do.  Life comes with experience. How to act and treat yourself, comes from experience. How to respect and treat others also comes from experience.  We all have different situations and different way to handle ourselves, and some people, to be honest, lack the basics.  Just because they´re experiences thought them that way.  Our actions and our reactions are based on what we have learned from previous encounters with other people, and from what people have thought us.   I was a lost baby, and in some areas I still am.  I have life experience yes, but I lacked a few fundamentals on how to be.  The last year I have worked on myself. Finding myself and try to be a better version of myself. Its hard work to look in the mirror and see the truth.  To see that you yourself are the only one who can change how people treat you or look at you.  That You are the only one who can actually make your life different. There is no one else who can do it for you, and blaming others won’t help either.  It takes time to change, but you have to be aware of yourself to do so.  You have to acknowledge your strenghts, as well as your weaknesses, it doesnt help to look at only the good.  To know yourself is to love yourself!  We put so much negativity on our weaknesses that we start to fear them, and try to ignore them. But the truth is that they are still there, and they will keep effecting your behavior until you take control of them.  By owning them!

When you understand and acknowledge your pattern of behaviour, you can control them.  And thats how you can “Be Yourself”.

Own it, be yourself, but be ALL of YOU.


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