One word

Like every drop in the ocean, we are connected to each other. Like the waves roll up on the shore, we rub against each other.  Every day we cross path with other people. Some we know, some we connect with, and some we will never meet again.  Coincidence you say? – Yes, maybe.  But what a rewarding feeling and thought it is to know that you might be placed in someones path, just to change their life.  And what a responsibility it is to know such a thing and not act on it.  Our mind is run by impulses, acts on experiences and out of habits.  We are all connected to each other, just like everything around us.  The things we go through is not punishments or rewards, but learning curves and eye openers to learn our purpose in life.  And the same situations will keep happening, until you learn from it and change.  One meeting, one connection, one word can guide someone on their way to find their purpose or their happiness. What a great feeling to know that you can change someones life today, maybe just by saying “Hi”.


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