More than ever, I have learned to listen to my inner voice. It’s so easy to fall behind someone, letting someone else take the lead. Helping someone else achieve their dream, while letting your own be nothing but a dream. Taking responsibility for your own life can sometimes be the hardest thing to do, because it will be on your head if you don’t get it right the first time. Today we have so many factors distracting us from our inner self, numbing the voice in our soul. Taking our focus away from what we where meant to do in life, our own purpose, our destiny if you like.

Have you ever made a decision which has made your body ill? Actually felt sick? I’ve just had a very eye opening experience myself. I made a decision which I thought was right for me at the time, but my body rejected it. I lost motivation, but felt restless, like something was wrong. I thought I was depressed. I’ve felt this way before, but I didn’t connect the dots to how I was actually living my life. I wasn’t in alignment with my inner self, I wasn’t true to my self. And my focus wasn’t directed in the right direction. This time I managed to find the distraction and remove it.

It’s hard to have the courage to listen to your inner self, and People are often confusing their intuition with fear. But fear is nothing but smoke clogging up your intuition, clogging up your vision. Most people, me included, are often their own worst enemy in life, as we set limits to ourself and our personal growth. “I’m getting too old”, “what if people won’t accept me?”, “what if I fail?”. The thing is that you shouldn’t be afraid of failing, you should be afraid of not living up to your full potential. If you want you feel at peace, you need to follow your heart, follow your inner voice and figure out what makes you truly happy. What gives you peace. Your soul knows the truth.

There is no short cuts and it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!



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