Random thoughts on Love

My head is always a mess at night! It’s a little messy (and long), but I hope you get something from it!

Love, the best emotion in the world. The emotion we are born with, the emotion no one can take away from us unless we let them. The easiest yet the hardest emotion to experience and control. We don’t chose who we fall in love with, but we do chose who we give our love to. People make the mistake of forcing it or ignoring it. I think a lot of relationship struggle because they lose sight of what’s really important. As mentioned earlier, we let fear control us. To truly love someone is to love them enough to let them fly on their own, to let them find their inner voice. To love them freely. To be the bay where it’s safe to come ashore and a rock to come home to. The solid foundation that hold everything together when life gets hard. If love asks you to give up on yourself and your destiny, it isn’t true love. Every relationship is a lesson, a guide to help you find your way. When you’re standing in the middle of it, it can be hard to see the truth, but if you listen to your heart you’ll know what’s right. People will only treat you as good as you let them, so if you don’t think you deserve better you won’t get it, because your actions and behavior will mirror your self worth. Whatever you think of will become reality. I believe we meet people for a reason, not always to be our partner till the end, but to teach us something, or show us that we need to change. If you don’t open your eyes and really look and accept it, you will keep experiencing heartbreak. And without making personal changes you will re-live the same lessons. I think a lot of people don’t deal with their own insecurities which will most likely tear a relationship apart. Humans have a weird way of holding on extra hard to something that seem to slip away (or things from the past). Instead of giving room to miss each other and to find their own way, we suffocate them with love. But we all know that doesn’t work. We can’t change the other person or make decisions for them. And it’s not personal, which might be the hardest part to accept. “It’s not you, it’s me” might be cliche, but it’s a damn good one. How do you expect a man or woman to love you, if they can’t love themselves? They love you, but there will always be limits to that love. If you keep giving up pieces of yourself, changing for THEM and not yourself, you’ll end up resenting them in the long run. And you’re insecurities will keep growing because you didn’t deal with them, you just tried to hide them. Accepting yourself is to love yourself. Some people has a hard time realizing that they themselves might be the problem. Change needs to be motivated from within, because no one can do it for you. If you do it for yourself you will never lose sight of who you are or your self worth.
Think of it; if you had a job interview, people wouldn’t hire you if you didn’t believe you could do it yourself. Or if you acted like you didn’t belong there, so why would someone marry you, if you didn’t think you deserved it either?
It’s hard to find your soulmate, it’s even harder to be with your soulmate, because a soulmate will challenge you and drive you crazy. make you see yourself, the good and the bad! And when you love yourself you won’t let anyone treat you bad or love you any less. what’s the point to love someone who doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings? When you find the one, nothing can hold you apart, not distance, not other people, no exes, nothing. There will be resistance and discussion, but that’s what makes it interesting. No one wants a puppy! You won’t have to try to fit into someone’s heart or beg for attention, you’ll just fit in perfectly and have their undivided attention, as they have yours! 💕



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