What’s real..

By Susn Dybvik

Someday (hopefully soon), social media will peak and people will actually put away their pads and start getting to know each other again. At least I’m thinking positive! I’m sure you talk to people all the time, but do you really listen? Or do you filter it out with selective hearing like when your grand mother can’t stop talking over your favorite TV-show? -Yes that has happened. Same with people I meet, I’m not a big fan of small-talk, and there are certain things I’m not interested to hear about if I don’t know you. That’s blunt, I’m aware, and I wish it was different. There are so many times I sit next to someone, old or young, on the bus or on a plane, and I wish I had the guts to just talk to people. They might have amazing stories to tell or they’re way of looking on life can open your eyes! But who wants to be the odd one out actually talking in person? I mean, You can always find someone online, where You won’t have to put up with any awkward silence and You can block and delete them as soon as You’re not interested in the conversation anymore. Right?
We are feeling more lonely and insecure than ever, comparing ourselves to others, not having deep relations to no one. Our relationships and marriages fail, in jealousy, in lack of attention and loving. We don’t really know how to love each other anymore. Instead of becoming better people, we focus on how many likes we can get on social media. Instead of taking care of our own business, we care way to much about other people’s flaws. People need validation from the outside to feel important and accepted, when we should be focusing on accepting ourselves. Start focusing on what’s real and what makes you feel good, instead of relying on a fake sense of security from people who don’t know you, and don’t really care about you. As humans we need love and affection, human contact, and that’s what’s real!




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