Learn, grow, excel..

I’ve studied for most of my life and I barely remember half if it, what I do remember is the people. Some good but mostly the bad. And its funny how we hold on to it, why do we do this? Remember ever person who made us feel bad, you might not even remember their name anymore but how they made you feel. Same with relationships, we remember all the bad things when we really should remember the good parts, and what we learned about ourself. It’s also important to understand that every thing that has been done towards you isn’t always personal. We all go through struggles in life and their way of coping could be to unleash on you. It doesn’t make it right, but it means that you can control how you let people affect you. And what you accept from others is what they will give you. I know this comes with age for some, but some still carries the pain with them their whole life. It’s like we are afraid to let it go, afraid to be free from our agony. Afraid that other people’s actions define us as people. I am definitely not that weak little girl anymore. I tried to do things to prove everyone around me that I was more than a pretty face, that I could accomplish something. Did everything to make the “bad people” accept me. But when you don’t like yourself you are blind to see your own success and pat yourself on the shoulder and say “you did good! You should be proud of yourself”. Blind to see your true beauty! I might not be where I want to be yet, but I’ve found my inner peace and my time will come. And for all the No, there is a better Yes coming! When you find your inner peace, everything seems to fall into place, just how it’s supposed to. You won’t get what you think you want at all times, but you will get what you need when you need it! Learn from it, grow from it, excel from it!



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