Take care of yourself

I’ve been thinking a lot about nutrition the last few days. I have a hard time understanding why we keep poisoning our bodies when we have the knowledge to treat ourself better.
I used to have horses and compete, I’ve also worked as a horse trainer and as a groom, and it baffles me sometimes how much we make sure our animals get the right nutrition. We make sure they have all what they need to perform their best, to feel the best and to stay healthy. But we neglect to take care of ourselves. Working in a stable is hard work, and you eat when you can and what you get offered. And we don’t make sure that WE get the right nutrition to perform. It’s the same with any pets, dogs and cats. It’s a beautiful thing in theory that we put our animals first, that we take care of them who cannot speak for themselves and ask for what they want. I remember my first horse, I was 11, and he ate a plastic bag with bread inside. He ate the whole thing and I was so scared that he would get sick that I slept in the stable to make sure he was okay.
My point is that we make an effort to take care of others, but why is it so hard to take care of ourselves? Food is our fuel and we need fuel to perform. Do yourself a favor and make sure you do what you can to be your best! Do it for health, not only for weight loss or gains. Do it to be on top of your game, at work, in the gym, with your family!




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