“50 shades” of Susn

In regards to the premier of 50 Shades of Grey, I wanted to share a little draft with you.

He took his hands around me from behind and hugged me tight.  His chin resting in the nook of my neck, filling me with warmth as his breath touched my cold skin.  It was a late October night, and the cold northern winds were fighting through our clothes.  His embrace felt like home, safe and peaceful.  His tight grip around my stomach, pressing up against him made my blood rush through my body.  He did that to me every time he touched me.  Making me feel weightless and as one.  As the train pulled up to the station he swung me around and kissed my forehead.  The way he made me feel when he looked me in the eyes were magical and indescribable.  He could see right through me, he could see my soul, all my insecurities and all my faults.  But that is what was beautiful to him, that was what he loved, what he was always so protective off.  I took his hand and led him onto our carriage.  There was not a lot of people traveling by train at this hour so we got the whole carriage by ourself.  We sat down closed to each other, still feeling the frost in our body.  He took my hands between his, and let the warmth from his breath warm them up.  He looked at me with his loving eyes and smiled. He made me blush and I smiled back feeling a little shy. I could tell what he was thinking, what he was feeling only by the look in his eyes.  There was never a doubt in my mind to what this man thought of me or felt for me.  I had his heart just as he had mine. And he could see it in my eyes.  He put his left arm around my shoulder pressing me against him.  I could feel his hearth pounding with peace. The beat of his heart made me at ease, totally in balance with him.  He caressed my face with his right arm, his cold fingers felt refreshing to my rose cheek.  He lifted my chin and looked me dead in the eyes.  I could get lost in him.  My breath got heavier as his left hand brought me even closer. I wanted him to kiss me, to take all of me.  To pull my soul out of my mouth.  He leaned in towards me and my lips parted before I closed my eyes to meet his.  I could feel his breath on my upper lip as he met mine, and he took me.  Kissed me like his life depended on it.  This was how he showed me, confirming how much he loved me and had been longing for me all this time.  I kissed him back, forgetting how to breath, erasing all thoughts in my mind.  Time stood still whenever we touched.  This fire of passion we shared was so strong, I couldn’t believe it. My whole body was squirming for him. And my lower body was begging for a release. His hand on my neck pulling my lips to his, he slide his tongue into my mouth. Nibbling on my lip as he pulled back for a second catching his breath, before he went in again, like a lion devouring his pray.  Chills went down my spine as his right hand brushed down my neck and down to the zipper on my jacket.  He opened it slowly, making my heart beat faster the lower he went.  He put his hand on my knee, gripping my thigh to keep me focused.  He led his hand up my thigh up towards my already raging volcano.  He still had his lips locked with mine as he grabbed my sleek sex, making me moan in his mouth.  I could not take it anymore without touching him.  I placed my right hand on his crouch and his throbbing erection hit my hand.  He was rock hard, and knowing how he made me squirm for him made it even harder.  He could already feel my wetness through my stockings which drove him crazy. I could feel him getting more aggressive, massaging my lips through the thin layer of clothing.  He wanted me, and he wanted me now. He pulled back for a minute, leading his lips to my ear, whispering «I will devour you when we get out of here».  I was so ready for him to take me, he could see that my body wanted him, but still he decided to torture me.  Letting the tension build.  I was his to do with as he pleased.  He had all of me.

– Susn Dybvik



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