50 shades of trash?

By Susn Dybvik

Like every other sexually active woman  (and a few whipped men(no pun intended)), I ignored the bad reviews and I just had to see what the fuzz was about. Since my very own Mr Grey (who would never watch it however much I would crack my whip) lives far far away, I dragged my best friend with me to see the spectacle. I went in already aware that the movie wouldn’t be anywhere near my experience with the book, and it didn’t help that I´m not a big fan of the actors chosen for this particular movie.
Let me tell you why I knew it would be trash. You see, the movie wasn’t based on my fantasy. The movie wasn’t made with my point of view, which is why almost every book-turned-to-movie straight up Sucks! Because we all have a different mindset. And I think that’s why I enjoyed the book so much, because it played with my imagination. It played with a part of me I had yet to discover. I actually learned a lot about myself (and my pervy imagination) by reading the book. Not that this is a unbelievably good book, but it is edgy and raw and new. And it opens your mind to something different!
The movie however felt rushed and the passion from the book got lost in translation. The best part about the movie was probably the scene where they flew the helicopter while Ellie Golding – “Love me like you do” was playing in the background! I mean, what girl would NOT want a first date like that, WITH a soundtrack!! The rest of the soundtrack is pretty dope too, that’s basically where they hid the little feel of passion in this movie. Because the actors had less chemistry than I have with my toothbrush!
While I’m at it, there are several people who point out that there is little to no consent from the girl side of this little soft porn, but how clear must it be? This man tells her over and over who he is, and she willingly signs the contract handed to her. She keeps going back even though he tells her she can leave at any moment if she wish to do so. If anything, I will call this a typical “girl-syndrome” where she hopes she can change the man she has fallen for! A beautiful sentiment indeed, which does play out in her favor later in the books. But shows that this is nothing but fiction…

So would I see the movie again? – Probably not. Will I see the sequels? – Probably yes! What can I say, I’m a sucker for obvious disappointment but also curious as can be!



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