“This is mine”

By Susn Dybvik

It was clear she had pissed him off.  His eyes were locked into her, like in a trance. Like he was deciding what to do with her.  She wasn’t sure what to expect but she knew he would be rough.  Her body responded to his gaze, her body knew what was coming.  Her breathing started catching on, it got heavier and heavier.  It took less than a minute for him to pounce on her and push her against the wall behind her.  Her back hit the wall as he pressed his lips against hers.  Pulling her soul throughout her mouth.  He took her breath away.  His hands followed her curves down to her ass before he lifted her legs up around his waist.  He wanted her and he was going to take her.  And she wouldn’t resist.  He kept kissing her, letting all his anger into her, letting it all out.  She was his exorcist.  She could mend him. When they were this close, the rest of the world seemed to fade away.  Nothing else mattered.

He carried her over to the kitchen counter, letting her legs down so she was standing on the floor.  He looked at her, not as hard as earlier, but he was letting her know that it wasn’t over.  He took her wrist and turned her around, bending her over the marble.   He kissed her back, while restraining her hands by her wrists just above her back dimples.  She could feel him through her underwear.  She could feel how much he wanted her, how much he needed her.  His hands slipped between her legs.  “This is mine!”, he hissed before he grabbed her soaked flesh.  He tore the underwear off before he placed his hand on her cheek. “Be still”, he whispered before he raised his hand at let it sting against her flesh.  He knew just how hard to spank her for her to scream of nervous excitement.   She pushed his buttons and he pushed them back. He owned her. Her body was his. Her body jerked forward into the kitchen top for every slap he put on her.  Her body responding like he wanted to.  By making her cream between her legs.  She wanted more, she needed him to fill her.  Her body was begging for it, she could barely take it.  For every slap, he caressed her red skin.  His cool hands against her burning flesh made it even more unbearable.  He was teasing her. He knew she loved it.  Sometimes he was sure she pushed his buttons on purpose and that turned him on even more. As his hand hit her ass on more time, she cried out in frustration.  “I´m yours, please. Take me”.  And he did, he took all of her!


Susn xo


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