Life is a battle, but I am a Warrior

By Susn Dybvik

“You were the one who was supposed to protect me, teach me about love, teach me about self-respect and what to expect from men.  I guess that is what you did, but in all the wrong ways.  You stripped me from my innocence as I turned 5, and left me growing up feeling unworthy of affection and love.  You thought me that my physical appearance and body was all boys wanted and what I needed to give, to receive love.  I still remember it like it just happened a few months ago, I still hear myself saying ‘No’.  Knowing that it was wrong.  I grew up feeling ashamed and tainted. “Who will ever love me like this”.  I was broken, and you broke me.  I held on to the pain for far too long and after almost 20 years, I knew I had to let it go.  So I picked up my shattered soul, and started putting the pieces back together.  

And I forgave you.”

It is important to understand that people who harm you, play a role in your life.  Its hard to understand as it happens, when you still haven’t learned to deal with it.  We all play a role in each others lives.  May it be to teach or to prepare us for whats coming next.  When you see only darkness, its hard to know that if you keep going you´ll find the light again.  But you will be stronger and more understanding from it.  It has taken 25 years, and I am still growing.  Still letting go of self doubt and fear that is blocking me from my blessings.  Its a battle, but I am a warrior and I am too close to give up now.

Every thing we go through in life, is a part of who we are supposed to become.  Our destiny if you may.  And our experiences help us get there, as we learn how to let go and to love ourselves completely.  Every heart ache, every loss, every bruise, is apart of you but it does not define you.  And its up to you to use it in a positive way.  The worst situations, can lead to the greatest changes.  The moment you realise that you are not a victim, there is no limit to what you can do!  So let it go…


Susn xo


2 thoughts on “Life is a battle, but I am a Warrior

  1. Patriarken says:

    What a journey… on a path to liberation and happiness. How many could handle it?
    It takes deep levels of intuitive wisdom to embark on such a path; certainity that liberation is possible and certainity that this is the right path leading to it. Intuition, and of course, courage… the most important of all qualities, because it is the only one that can guarantee all other qualities. And all of them exist in our mind… . and it has three basic abilities: to be aware, to create thoughts, images and feelings, and to identify – that is, to become what it creates. Sometimes, this becomes our tragedy, and sometimes, as here – our blessing…


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