By Susn Dybvik


She was born in the wrong era. She didn’t fit in here.  She was more of a gipsy soul rocking bikinis on the beach chasing the perfect wave.  With salty blonde hair and tan lines.  Where people were free, and fought for what they believed in.  Where they communicated with each other and had deep conversation by the bonfires at night.


In a time where people actually cared, instead of posting statuses insinuating that they do.  Where people came together under the stars, demonstrating against corporations and war.  Where relationships were not just only on a movie screen.  Where people didn’t need a warning sign to know that a coffee is warm, or that showering with your hair dryer is a bad idea!


 Where common sense was not such a rarity, but simply common.  She longed for a time when marriage was sacred and the world a little bigger.  Where time moved slow enough to enjoy it.  Where cancer wasn`t such big numbers, and the food was fresher.

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 A time where inner beauty and depth was cherished over fake body parts and face paint.  Where girls didn’t think they had to play stupid to get guys, but could actually outsmart them.  Where people knew what they were fighting for, and not just followed the masses.


Where being an outsider was cooler than being placed in a box.


No, she was born in the wrong era.

She didn’t fit in here. 

Yet, no one could keep her from dreaming…. 



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