By Susn Dybvik

It’s fascinating to see how little we all matter to each other, until there is made a connection. We see each other,barely, as we pass each other by. But that’s it. We might never see them again. Until a connection is made, the people we pass are not apart of our story or our journey. Until we have made each other feel something, whether it’s good or bad, our path has yet not been crossed.

How little we know of each other and how little we will ever know until we connect.  How the guy behind you in line at Starbucks can be going through the worst time of his life, yet he gently smile to you when you turn around.  How the old woman on the bus simply want to have a chat because she is all alone in this world.  Or the man living on the street went from being a rich man, to losing it all.   We are so easily judgmental towards peoples looks, and barely ever consider that they have a story the same as you, or maybe even worse.

We matter so little to each other, and we don`t even know others exist, they are merely just pieces filling up space. But the moment you reach out a hand, say hallo or simple give some stranger a compliment, you have affected their life. It’s insignificant to you, but you might have saved someone from doing something stupid or cheered someone up to the point where they smile for the rest of the day. And not to mention the power of passing it forward.. We are all “blind” to each other. Not affecting anyone until we make that connection. By rubbing our lives next to theirs. We’re like perfectly formed bubbles with our own lives and worries just floating around where we need to go, until we rub next to another bubble and our direction changes or we merge together. It’s fascinating isn’t it…




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