By Susn Dybvik

He looked at me with his beautiful eyes. They were burning with desire.  His yaw tighten as he stared me up and down, exploring my lushes curves with his eyes.  The energy was palpable between us. And my pulse were raising as he licked his lips. When our eyes met, I felt struck by lightning. A tingling sansaction rushing through my body.  My sex clenching from wanting him.  Waiting for his firm hands to touch my body, caress my weak spots, making me squirm.  Dominating me with his body.   I knew the things he was capable of, and I could barely wait any longer.

He pulled of his shirt, showing his beautiful body.  Giving me clear sight to the package waiting in his pants. I could already see it throbbing. He wanted me as much as I wanted him, rough, hard, passionate and RIGHT NOW.  He started walking towards where I was sitting on the bed.  I could see him holding back the urge to attack, while he was correcting his erection.  I swallowed hard, holding my breath as he came closer and closer.  He was soon standing in front of me, looking down on me with a gaze begging me to touch him.  He was gentle and let me lead the way, but I knew as soon as I laid my hands on him,  All bets were off..



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