Dating in Norway

Okay, you want to know why I hate dating in Norway? Now there are probably exception from this rule, but I haven’t come across any yet. You know the term “Netflix & Chill” right? Well Norwegians invented that shit, but calls it dating!

There are a few things you need to understand about Norwegian culture to understand this. See we live in a country where there are a lot of feminists and the equality between men and women are as equal as they get (I am sure some will argue other wise but let me amuse you). And to be honest, I don’t think there are many countries where women are as independent and self sufficient as in Norway. Although a lot of this comes from the great government system we have!
So, the girls are equal and independent, and we are raised to handle ourselves.  We are raised to fend for ourselves, to be driven and not depend on anyone but ourselves. Somewhere along the line, the men dropped their balls (at least one) and the women picked em up.  So when it comes to dating women are as confident, if not more, to ask a guy out, to pick up the bill, etc. My impression is that Norwegian a man won’t ask you out unless he is drunk, and/or if you’ve already slept with him. And by ask you out they mean “come over and watch a movie” or “I’ll see you at the club”.  If you two end up liking each other, or more than tolerate each other, it conveniently develops into a relationship where you MIGHT go out for dinner on spesial occasions.  Norwegian men has little to no knowledge of how to date and court a woman, and I think the women are partly to blame for it. Evolution has made the woman wear the pants and almost tipping the scale too much when it comes to equality. Maybe if men were to be men, they would be men?
What happened to the 5 dates rule? Or to go out in public and get to know each other? Why treat a woman you are interested in like a side piece, keep it on the down low and in secret (“until we know where it’s headed”). ? They say that proper women with substance are few and far between, but I say the gentlemen are even further between. And for some reason I think it starts with us women, know your worth, and demand the men to rise to your level, not the other way around.

2 thoughts on “Dating in Norway

  1. jwtatfbc says:

    What a thought provoking post. I’m all for equality in the work place, etc., but I was raised with old-fashioned country values where relationships are concerned. And I’ll go to my grave still believing men should open doors for ladies, always pay for the meal, protect them when needed, stand-up for them when they want to make it on their own, and cherish them as the beautiful Godly creations they are.


    1. iamsusndybvik says:

      I totally agree! Equality for equal pay and in society yes. Equality as humans yes! But men needs to be men. And it’s our primal need in a relationship that the man wear the pants!


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