10 New Years Resolutions for 2016

By Susn Dybvik

1. Be kind

One would think this was an easy thing to do, but unfortunately it is shown time and time again how hard this actually is.  Remember that the people you meet and are in contact with are significant to your life.  If you are unkind to anyone, not only does it affect yourself negatively (negativity breads negativity), but you are also affecting the person who receive your bad demeanor. So Do to others, what you want done to yourself! 

2. Be Good To Your Body

This is sort of like the one above, we know too well how amazing and long lasting results come from moving our body and staying fit. And you only need a few hours a week to do so.  I, myself am a fitness nut, but not everyone needs to have a goal to look like the hulk or to be able to squat your body weight x 2.  By just walking a few times a week, dancing or doing anything that raise your blood pressure, can help you be healthier and live a longer and more energized life.  Start this year!

3. Do More Of What Makes You Happy

What tickles your fancy? What makes you super happy? What makes you excited?  Life is far to short to not do these things all the time!  Feed your soul and you`ll be a happier and more joyful person.  Whether its traveling, horse riding, sailing, golfing, painting, stamp collecting. Whatever it might be, just do it! And dont make excuses not to do them!

4. Love Yourself

Now this is like the constant analogy in my texts and pondering.  I guess its because it took me such a long time to understand what it meant.  So, to love yourself, you gotta understand that everything starts and ends with you.  I know you`re apparently not supposed to think you`re the axle of the universe but in this case you have to.  For you to be able to love someone, you have to love yourself fully. Every asset and every fault.  It is YOU.  When you start loving yourself, you can see clearly that you deserve the best and that you dont have to put up with other peoples bullshit.  The same with self respect. People will treat you the way they can, until you tell them to stop. Know that you are the radest person alive, because there is only one of you!

5. Move On

Whatever you`ve been through, whomever hurt you or did you wrong. You need to let it go.  Holding on to the anger and resentment or the guilt will only do harm to you and the people you want to love.  I held on to something for a very long time, and it held me back in seeing the bigger picture. It did not let me see the good things I had, and I continued to see myself as a victim. Until I let it go.  Whatever you can not control or change is not worth your energy or your attention.  So analyse it, understand it, forgive (them or yourself) and let it go.

6.  Challenge Yourself

Do you have that one thing that you`ve always wanted to try or experience but you`ve never had the balls to do it?  Do you have something you want to learn but you think your time has passed and you`re too old? Well let me tell you, the only way to really grow and experience new things is to challenge yourself, and age is nothing but a number and a bad excuse.  So to kick you off, I challenge you to do at least 2 things this year that scares you a little, or that you didn’t think you would ever do.  Do like Nike, and Just do it!

7. Listen

Most people, me included, are not very good listeners.  We listen to respond but not to hear.  Today we got so many distractions that we very rarely find any connections with people.  We move so fast that we “dont have time” to listen to each other.  This saddens me, because sometimes all a girl wants is for someone to listen and say “It will be alright”.  You don`t always have to respond with advice or worse, judgments, because as humans we usually just need to be heard, and get a reassurance that we are not alone.

8. Cut Your Addictions

Today there is not really a good excuse for poisoning our bodies with crap like nicotine, fast food or alcohol (hear me out).  We know too much to say we dont understand the risks.  I understand that all of these things are embedded into our social life, but why? Are we too afraid to be the odd one out? Or are we simply just too lazy to do anything about it? There are people who manage to end their named poison every single day, so you can do it too! I believe in you.

9. Drop Social Media

Try to connect with yourself more by cutting down the time you spend on social media and the internet.  It is kind of ironic coming from a blogger, but I always make sure I (try to) take time off.  Its hard I know, but as I`ve said above, we need to reconnect with people around us and ourselves.  Try talking to someone on the bus instead of listening to music.  Try learning something new about someone you`ve just met. Get to know someone face to face.  Experience the world around you for you, and not for Facebook or Snap chat.

10. Say No

Stop putting other peoples above your own needs.  I do not mean to always put yourself first, but I mean make sure that it is worth it.  Don`t put yourself down to raise someone up, and never let anyone put you down.  Don`t overextend yourself to please someone, make sure your own values are being respected.  Say No to people who don`t deserve to be in your life, and say Yes to those who do!


Happy New Year everyone xo


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