By SusnDybvik

She saw him across the room, through the thick smoky air.  Standing there by the bar.  The dark mysterious shadow watching the crowd.  She met his eyes a few times, and every time it paralysed her. It took her breath away. It took her a minute but she finally found courage at the end of her drink.  Her eyes wandered back to him as she turned in his direction.  She bit her lip and started walking towards him.  She danced her way through the dance floor filled with intoxicated tunes from the DJ. For a minute it felt like they was the only two people in the room and everything around them moving slow motion.  His eyes were fixed on her too. He saw her coming.  Her tall, blonde figure moving with sensual movements. Walking with confident, glowing of sexuality. She was hard to miss.  When she finally stopped in front of him she looked away shyly, smiling.  She could feel his eyes on her, and when she met his eyes again she couldn’t look away. Time stood still from this point forward. His present felt familiar, like they had met before somewhere in a different time and place.  She leaned in and whispered sweet nectar in his ear. “Dance with me”.  He smiled and licked his lip before he took her hand and let her lead him to the dance floor.  She took his hands around her hips and started moving.  Moving with the pulse of the music, letting the beat intoxicate and take them both.  Their bodies moving together like they were old friends, knowing each others curves. He was mesmerised by how she let herself go with the music and couldn’t help himself to do the same.  Without words they both could feel the passion, the lust and the out of body experience they shared.  Where time no longer mattered, where people around them disappeared. It was just the two of them at the start of something. Something they didn’t want to end….


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