She sat with her legs crossed in the sand. The wind blowing around her face, kissing her cheek with a cold touch. She gazed out over the ocean, and felt her breathing following the rhythm of the waves hitting the beach.  Watching the water rise and fall, over and over again.  Sitting there alone, she had never felt more connected to the world around her, yet disconnected to her life. She watched the birds fly over her, imagining she was flying with them. Soaring her wings across the sky. She closed her eyes and listened to the sound of her surroundings. Listened to the melody of the earth. Noticing how time stood still, and she was as one with the earth. Breathing in tact with the beat of the ground below her. She was free. Free of worries, free to dream, free to be. She sat there thinking how the world around her was buzzing by, missing out on that beautiful moment by the beach.  The season were changing and the beautiful colours of summer transforming into the darker tones of autumn. The cycle of life kept moving forward. Why had she felt so stuck? Why couldn’t she move forward? Why couldn’t she always feel as free as she did right here? Seasons change, and so does people. Always altering, always adapting. She needed to learn how to fly again. How to feel the wind supporting her wings. Take a leap of faith, trusting that her feathers were strong enough to carry her. She felt an inner peace takin over. She felt her body becoming numb and her senses becoming hyphened and in that moment she was able to let it all go. Her fears, her worries. They were nothing but an anchor around her feet, pulling her down and away from where she needed to go.  As she closed her eyes and smiled, a tear ran down across her face. She was ready to break free…


Photo @Iamsusndybvik

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