They don’t know


They dont know who we are. With their hateful green eyes, and their spiteful words they try to tear us apart. They see only what we want them to see. They see no love, no passion nor trust, but merely the remaining dust. They see not what we have become. How our lives have entwined. They see only what their mind will let them. What a shame. They see a reflection of themselves, as they are yet to experience the burning fire with the heated flames. They want to control us, so they can control their emotions, but the flames eat alive. They are lost in their own world as we soar together on a path only our eyes can see. They can never understand us, the dept of our intimacy. They are not able to see how my dimples come out when you’re  looking at me. How my skin flush when you are near. They are looking for something they have never before been able to feel. Something they can’t believe. Cause believing would turn their world upside down. Turn right to wrong, and that would make us real.




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