By Susn Dybvik

He stroke the hair out of her face and wrapped his hand in the nape of her neck. Looking her in the eyes, giving her the answers that she so desperately needed. No words could describe what she saw. How the hurt from their separation had changed him, how much he had longed for this very moment, and how much she meant to him. He pulled her in and kissed her. He kissed her with his whole being, and their souls reconnected like they had never been apart. Her blood rushing through her body like water boiling in a pot that was too small. She kissed him back, hugging her arms around his neck. She needed him to feel how much she had missed him. Feel her desperation and her longing to feel his skin touch hers again. He responded by pushing his body into her till she felt the cold wall against her back. His hands hugging her curves, making her even more desperate for his touch. His kissing became more aggressive, like he needed her to live. The love between them had never withered and the years apart had made it even stronger. Now the years apart suddenly felt like yesterday, and their souls were finally reconnecting. He found his peace and she could finally breathe again. They were never letting go again..


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