New York In Just One Day

By SusnDybvik

Coming home from a week in sunny California, tired and unrested, my United Airlines flight got delayed, I missed my next flight to Oslo and my lay over got extended to 24hours. It was with a chipper heart I set out to find my hotel for the night, the Ramada Plaza Newark Airport Hotel.  It was a fairly old hotel, nothing fancy, but a roof over my head at least. With a little help and guidance from a friend, I went to bed with a plan of taking in a few sights in the city the next day.

I woke up bright and early, checked my bag at the front desk and took a city shuttle from the hotel which cost $15  to a few blocks from Times Square. Then I started walking.  NY has been one of the cities I have longed for to see. I always had an idea of how it would be, but never did I think that I would feel that much at home in a new city. The weather was beautiful, and the energy from the people filled me with joy. I wanted to see Times Square and hopefully get to Soho for some shopping.

Times Square – NYC

All around you see City bus agents, ready to help you on to one of the tourist busses. I very politely asked them about the route and they got me a ticket for $35 to go downtown, and I could get on and off as I pleased. I knew approximately how far Soho was, and I had still a lot of time on my hands, so this was the better option. I thought to myself that I would rather drive around and learn something about the city then run around the metro like a chicken with her head cut off.

One thing about Americans and Canadians, well, maybe any people outside of Norway, is that they are very friendly and easy to get to know. On the bus I had a seat next to a lady from Toronto who was there with her husband, but since he was working she went out to see the city. My kind of lady!!

We drove down 7th Avenue, from midtown to downtown, learned about the different colours of the signs (Green is the newer part of town, brown is historic part of town), and learned some history about the different parts. We had a very interesting and experienced tour guide called Frank.

When we got to Soho, I jumped off and did some shopping. I wanted shoes, and shoes I got! It was easy to find my way, and if you’re lost someone will help you on your way.

My room mate and best friend was also in town with her family, so I jumped back on the next bus for a few blocks. I got off by the Brooklyn bridge and walked a few blocks to Ground Zero.


One of the World Trade Center memorial pool

It was an overwhelming feeling to stand there, to actually be somewhere you’ve heard so much about. And it was a beautiful memorial.

Then I found my friend and her family and we went for lunch. Just casually catching up in NYC. We found ourselves close to the sea, all the way on the south west of Manhattan.

Looking over to New Jersey

It was almost time for me to head towards the airport so I jumped on the ferry ($4), and took in the sea view of Manhattan.

Quick boat ride from NYC to New Jersey

Then I took an Uber ($15) back to the hotel to get my stuff. So glad I got to see New York, and that I had time to do so much in just one day. I have to go back now though, and luckily, United Airlines will sponsor that trip for my inconvenience. Never been so happy to be stranded somewhere in my life. I am not sure which city I love better, Los Angeles or New York. Until next time my gypsy lovers…

I love NY



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