F@#k society´s definition of beauty!




No I am not sick, I am not going through a hard time, I didn’t just snap. I simply shaved my hair off.

I am tired of hearing comments like “You’re pretty but even prettier with long hair”, “You should grow your hair out”, “Girls should have long hair”, “Are you a lesbian?” or my all time favourite ” You’re so natural beautiful, why would you shave your hair off?”.  I am tired of people, women, myself included, feeling they have to fit into a box to be beautiful. So I simply cut it all off. I took away one of the strongest characteristics of femininity, my hair. And it is one of the most liberating things I have ever done, not to mention how easy it is to get ready in the morning.  It liberated me of self judgement, and self doubt. I liberated myself from the fear of being good enough. I needed to do it for me, because I felt the comments, they were lingering deep down. I was comparing myself with other women. Knowing damn well that I looked better with short hair, I still felt I wasn’t living up to society´s definition of beauty. But beauty and femininity isn’t determined by your looks, your hair, your weight, or your makeup. Beauty is what shines through from within. Who you are as a person. How you deal with hard times, how you walk with your head held high. So own your look, own your flaws and all your quirks.

We have a tendency to hide our insecurities behind a mask; behind our hair, our makeup and how we act. When the most beautiful things about a person is their true self, their vulnerability, their uniqueness . We are drowning in images of big butts, fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake tans, fake, fake, fake. And we´re so scared of just being naturally ourself, that we end up trying to look all the same. Thinking we have to act and look a certain way to be validated. When the truth is that being yourself is the only thing that will set you apart from everyone else. The people we look up to are all celebrating their uniqueness and is praised because they step outside and do their own thing. It is our fear within that holds us back and makes us believe that we have to box ourself in. And remember, people who judge you for your uniqueness and for being ‘you’, are usually the ones filled with the most insecurities and fear.

So no, I am not sick, or all over the place going through a rough time. I simply won’t allow society to tell me how to look or how to feel about myself. Cutting my hair off was an eye opener and helped me heal. I feel stronger, like I can do whatever I set my mind to. And I know for a fact that my natural beauty has nothing to do with my hair! If you can take anything away from reading this, it should be that you are beautiful regardless of how you choose to wear your hair, and regardless of what ignorant people has to say about it. DO YOU!

And to all the women who lose their hair from sickness, I salute you! There is a strength that comes from letting go of the hair. Whether it is from cancer or from hair diseases, a bald head to me represents strength. A true warrior. Someone who fights back.



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