One Year At Disney

In November I finished my 1 year + 4 weeks with Walt Disney World Orlando.  The past year has been a life changing experience. As well-traveled and as cultural aware I am, it was something completely different being dropped into a melting pot of thousands of other young people with the same vision, and same openness as yourself.  You live and work next to people who are hungry for life, and experiences.

As a Norwegian, your only hope to work for Disney is by working at Epcot in the Norwegian Pavilion. You have three different departments to choose from; merchandise, the ride (Frozen Ever After) and Food & Beverage. As my experience lies mostly in Food & Beverage, and I like the tempo (and stress) that comes with it, my choice was easy. Plus, there is nothing to hide that it is normal to tip in America.

But my experience with Disney has been amazing based on the friendships I have made, and the places I’ve seen, and the experiences I have gone through.  I have met people who has changed the way I act, the way I listen and the way I treat others. I feel like a more open person from it.  The people around me has helped me grow, and I will forever be grateful for that.  If you want more information on how to apply or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Purple Wall 2017

As I embark on my new chapter in life (Hello 2018!), I have decided to become more active in sharing. Sharing my writing, my experiences, travels and some work.  So stay tuned!




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