Orlando & Miami in 4 days


As my Disney year was finishing up, my new adventure was quickly manifesting. My best friend from Norway flew into Orlando to start our little Caribbean Tour. We had 4 days before our flight to the Bahamas left, so it was time for some speed sightseeing.

Thursday we spent in the parks. I wanted to show her what Disney was all about, and to make it to all the parks we had to do the highlight reel.

Animal Kingdom – Pandora and the Safari.

Magic Kingdom – The Castle and the Purple wall. Yes, the wall is a thing. It started back when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake was in the Disney Club. Apparently it was popular for celebrities and Disney Club members to get their photo taken in front of the purple wall. Dont get disappointed, it’s just a wall. But it is a tradition the cast members has carried on, so next time you’re in Magic Kingdom, don’t forget the wall.

Epcot – Cause its my home park. And since we did the purple wall, we just have to do the bubblegum wall as well.





Two exhausted Norwegians went to bed early after some food, and was ready for our 3,5 hr long road trip to Miami.

Oh and for the record. Moving from your home and all your friends is exhausting. I flew around the whole city the last few days trying to fit everyone in for a hug and good bye. I am sad it all happened so quickly.



In Miami we stayed at Freehand Hostel, which was a cute and hipped little place close to South Beach. We got our own personal room, and spent the night in the backyard with other hip people, drinking fancy drinks and eating hip food.  On Saturday morning they offered complimentary yoga on the beach, and who are we to say no to such a gift?



The rest of the day before our flight we enjoyed some time on the beach, and best of all, the Wynwood Wall. I think we both were in awe when we walked in there. Every street corner is covered in beautiful images and creativity. It is absolutely my favorite place in Miami.



On suggestion from a Miami local, we drove the scenic route from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. Dont do it. Unless you plan on stopping along the beach, all you will see for 40 minutes, are light crosses and buildings. It wasnt very exciting. But we did it, so I guess that’s another thing off our list.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

And so it begins…. Leaving Florida and my home with not only a heavier suitcase, but also a heavier heart, filled with new friendships and new experiences. Where to Next?



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