Cryotherapy, Yay or Nay?

I didn’t know much about cryotherapy other than it’s some fancy therapy that they use in Hollywood, by the rich and the famous, and its supposed to be good for your health.  When I came to Puebla and my friend told me he had a treatment, my curiosity took overhand and sign me up to try as well.

Cryotherapy is the general term for any type of “cold” treatment, and is often used by athletes. It is supposed to treat pain, soreness, quicker recovery, stress, high blood pressure (I think my blood pressure was higher as I was waiting to get in), fat loss and more. The treatment we did are with nitrogen and inside the chamber it gets down to -190 celsius. The point is to shock the body into thinking it is in danger, and the immune system will work as hard as it can to keep you safe.

And then you stand there naked, with socks and gloves, and clap your teeth for about 3 minutes.  My body was shaking and it felt like my skin was burning on some spots at the end, but I think I laughed the whole time I was in there.  When I came out, my body quickly adjusted and my skin felt soft and cold.


Did it work? – I don’t know, and I doubt I will find out with only one treatment.  It was an exciting experience, and I am happy I did it.  I have done something similar, but in Norway we call it ice bathing. All though there might not be any scientifical evidence behind it,  I can only imagine it would be similar health benefits as with those who ice bathe every year. Just dont breathe in the Nytrogen.

Would I do it again? – If I had the opportunity to try it out properly with regular treatments to see the benefits I absolutely would. But it was very cold, and I am trying my best to stay warm.



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