Bahamas Air ripped me off

This trip didn’t start out very well. My suitcase was too heavy, by 5 lbs, and I ended up paying $75 for it. There was a miscommunication with the TSA where I thought he said $25 and asked him twice to hear the same thing. Realized the $75 after I had been charged. On top of that the flight ended up being 2 hours late. These things happens, next time I’ll make sure I vlog it so I know I’m not the crazy one. Not a happy camper!

We flew into Nassau, Bahamas and we stayed downtown at an Airbnb. The apartment we stayed in was close to the beach and we shared it with another couple. Our host was a young guy, very knowledgeable and very helpful.

To the contrary of what people might believe about two young ladies traveling alone, we felt very safe at all times. We made sure we made good choices and didn’t put ourselves in any bad situations. But I think everywhere can be dangerous if you don’t conduct yourself.

One of the main reasons I love to travel is to experience the real culture and the locals, the history and the architecture. I want to see the real deal, not just a fancy hotel and tourist area. So living downtown was a good choice for us. Although the Atlantis was also to be explored, your girl like her luxury too.

The only think I would say is that the vendors there are extremely pushy on all the tourists, and they will wait where the cruise ships come in and also outside the tourist areas.

Bahamas was definitely not a cheap place, it was similar to the US. They use dollars and you can pay both with American and Bahamian dollars. The currency is the same. Oh, and water is more expensive than alcohol.

Susanne xo


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