5 Things to do in Nassau on a budget

There are plenty to do in the Bahamas, but since it has become a very popular tourist destination, it is also very expensive.  Me and my friend wanted to explore as much as possible, but we had limited time and decided to not spend too much money while we were there. Although swimming with pigs was high on our list, we didnt feel the time or the price was right. However we ended up exploring the more local options.

1. Check out Atlantis

Atlantis is Nassaus pride and joy, and you can understand that when you see it. Its enormous. Its the Caribbian largest casino and hotel, and its like entering a different dimension when you cross the bridge from downtown. Atlantis has everything from restaurants, shopping, casino floor, beaches, pools, and even a very own water park & aquarium. If you choose to stay at Atlantis, I am sure you´ll never have to leave the hotel at all. Its an expensive area, but you can do like us and hang out by the beach. If you dont want to spend $10 (Disney prices) on drinks, you are able to bring your own.


2. Queens staircase

It’s a magical place and a great photo opportunity, but what was so special about it to me, was the history. They have local guides there by the entrance, they work for tips, and they are remarkable at telling stories. The government hire disabled people and give them the “education” they need to be guides, and let them work there for tips. I think that is an amazing thing. Our guide was funny and genuine, and knew everything you needed and wanted to know about it. All I am going to say is that it’s a beautiful monument and you should check it out if you’re ever there.

3. Rum Tasting

I don’t know about you, but I love my dark liquor. So it wasnt even a question if we were going to the John Watling´s distillary

It took us a while to find it, its like a hidden gem, but when you walk up to the house its like going back in time.  It looked like one of those plantation houses you see in the movies. You can choose to take a self guided tour, or a guided tour, both which are free. They tell you everything about the house, the history, the name. You even get to go to the back and see where they poor it into barrows. They have a beautiful shop, and also a bar. What is fascinating is that this rum isnt exported, so it’s not something you’ll get anywhere. At least not as of yet. We got to taste some rum, and the best pina colada we both have ever tasted!



4. Fish Market

The fish market is a place with many restaurants and bars. They have local music, local food, and its where the locals hang out. It was an incredible experience and the people are very nice. Being two girls traveling alone, you might think that things can be a bit scary but I find that most people are good people. Most people just want to learn and are open to new people.

5. Explore !

Bahamas is beautiful, so get out an explore. Dont just play it safe in the tourist areas, but dare to step out and meet the locals. Walk around and see the archetecture, see the colors, the old houses.

Antoher tips; If you want some good breakfast, go to some of the finer hotels in town. They usually let you pay for breakfast. Then do like us and hang out by their pool all day!




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