Harper´s Bazaar China

I have dreamt of being in magazines like these since I was a little girl. When I first started modeling, shy and insecure, and not really sure what I was doing. It all felt so far away, like it would never happen. But I always envisioned it. An editorial spread, on the cover, NYFW, Victorias Secret….

In 2014, I was featured in Vogue UK for a Australian jewelry brand called Doury Accessories. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it proved to me that if I kept going and kept wanting it and working for it, incredible things and opportunities will come along. What you focus on is what you will manifest in your life.

And February 2018, I am featured in Harper´s Bazaar China, for the designer Minan Wong. One day I hope these features will come on the regular, but for now, I am extremely proud and grateful to have come this far and to have worked with the amazing people who I have.

Designer MINAN WONG 
Photographer Neil Tandy 
Make up Sarah Warshosky
Hair Angel Johnson


I am in pursuit of my best self, and every experiences along the way will be life.

Susn xo


One thought on “Harper´s Bazaar China

  1. Hotputotz says:

    I would have loved being in the fashion world! I modeled for John Casablancas in my early 20’s but being only 5 and 3″ tall kept me from many of the roles I would have liked to be apart of. Good luck to you!


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