Shooting our way through LA

After two very busy and eventful weeks in New York, I met up with my boyfriend on tour for a few days. We visited Salt Lake City, Denver, Boulder, Kansas City and I even got a few hours in Chicago, before I jumped on the plane to Los Angeles. Traveling around north of the country was very cold, and I was looking forward to a few sunny days in LA.  Unfortunately, winter means winter there too. I have never been to LA in the winter, and although we had sunny days, the wind was freezing and the nights was as cold as anywhere else.

Luckily I didn’t go there just for the weather (and a tan). I went there to meet one of my favorite Norwegian designers. Pernille Fristad is the designer for Kepaza which I had the pleasure to connect with through another friend of mine. She is probably one of the main reasons to why I got to do New York Fashion Week the first time. She hooked a sister up!

Since NYFW, I have also shot with Kepaza for their upcoming collection, which will come out later this year. She invited me to come out to Los Angeles for a few days, which worked out perfectly with my schedule, and we got to put in some serious work all over LA.

It is always such an amazing feeling working with good people. I say it all the time, but I feel blessed to have met so many creative and inspiring people in this industry. It’s all about inspiring, creating and moving forward. My trip to LA was a boost of all of those things,  and I adore Pernille and her whole creative family. I can not wait to see what the future will bring!

Here are some unedited and bts shots from our adventures around LA:












Do you like the photos? Should I blog more often?

Susn xo


2 thoughts on “Shooting our way through LA

  1. Mimi Steiner says:

    Yes blog more! We met at Disney and I always knew you would be a great model. You are so gorgeous . I’m also an aspiring model so swing you make moves gives me hope. Keep doing you😍. I remember you being so nice when we spoke at this disney. I hope you become a super model oneday. Wish you the best 💕


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